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September 22nd, 2009, 14:43
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
I don't know about that. IIRC, multiplayer mode didn't work well at all in those Infinity Engine games (never tried IWD, to be honest). I remember all kinds of problems and annoyances with it. Diablo before that was perfect as a CoOp MP game but was only an ARPG. NWN was the first real CRPG with a reasonably good MP mode, but suffered a bit from bad camera controls.

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What kind of problems?

I didnt have any technical issues at all, MP was both straightforward and bug-free for me. IWD is identical to BG in terms of MP technology so you havent missed much if you disliked Baldurs Gate MP. The only annoyance was that whoever wasnt playing the protagonist tended to not be involved in the dialogue much. I actually had more issues with NWN1 (XP allotment is pretty iffy in MP, and you tend to be a few levels behind the intended level progression making some boss fights much harder in MP).

Agree that hacknslash games like Diablo are good for MP, but Diablo had to be rebalanced for MP since change the party size (unlike Baldurs Gate).
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