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September 22nd, 2009, 15:31
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
so I dont really buy the line of defense that it has to be difficult to implement, you just tack on an extra layer. Since the infinity engine essentially was a RTS engine this was extremely straightforward back in the case of Baldurs Gate.
They really should of just said they wanted to make this a single-player game and left it at that. A lot of people seem to be foaming at the mouth over how they said it would be difficult to implement. I sorta get why they said it, but they had to know a thousand and one people would be saying how easy it is to just tack it on.

Maybe you're right and it's as simple as that tacking on an extra layer (have no idea what that means btw ). Here is the thing, for me at least, out of all the Baldur's Gate game I only tried BG2 multiplayer and I hated it. I was always losing connection (maybe because I'm in Taiwan or not) and I was always losing the person I was playing with. I'd be halfway across the map and they'd still be at the beginning. We never even made it out of the dungeon before we said "forget this, let's play Diablo." BG2 and Coop play did not work well together at all.

Like you said RPGs are in deed not always the best games as the roleplaying tends to leave one of the players waiting while the other is handling dialogue and whatnot. This is the strongest argument against story driven multiplayer RPGs.

That is exactly how I felt and I hated it. Take that same person and drop her in Diablo 2 and we had a blast. I was still faster, but in that game she caught on quick. Take that person again and drop her in NWN and once again it was ten times better than BG2.

There are some games that are just meant to be played as a single player experience. What is so god awful about that? I'm not saying you think it's god awful, but TheNevers isn't the first person I've heard scream bloody murder over not having some silly MP feature. I really wish Bioware would of kept their trap shut about the technical side of it and just told everyone "Hey, we're making a single-player game. Suck it up!" Maybe that would of made people a little more forgiving.

Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
Baldurs Gate, IWD, and Neverwinter Nights spring to mind. If we are a bit more generous in our definition of RPG Dungeon Lords for all its faults have MP that is at least as enjoyable as SP. Outside that we are pretty much down to the hack n slash genre.

I'd say the omission of multiplayer has more to do with a choice to move to more cinematic gameplay and a perceived lack of demand from the player base than with actual technical problems. After all a RPG requires many hours of gameplay, and getting players together for a session becomes more difficult the longer the game is. It is easy to get a group of friends together for 5-30 minutes of FPS or RTS play, but much harder to find the time for 120h of Baldurs Gate
110% agree with everything except Dungeon Lords. That was a fun game if you were very forgiving, but it definitely was a hack and slash
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