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September 22nd, 2009, 16:16
Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
For a game like BG it is simple, for a game with a single character like Gothic it would be a nightmare (having to rebalance the whole shebang as combat dynamics change).

My point is that all you, in games where you play a party anyway, in principle only need to add code to put some of the characters under remote control by another player. No re-balancing or anything, just adding one feature to a system that already should be pretty modular in nature. I am not terribly up to date on how that is programmed, but arent there APIs for this?.
You probably know more about that than I do. The last language I used was Basic.

Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
Ok, I played it over LAN so I cant comment on internet play. Unstable connection is naturally a killer, but as a programming challenge it is a separate one from designing a good roleplaying game (ie an extra layer).
I didn't mean the lag prevented her from catching up. I meant the game itself leaned heavily towards a single person progressing through the game. I really don't remember much other than the dropped connections and waiting around for her. I seem to recall something about the dialogues and controlling the other characters like Minsc and Jaheira that bugged the heck out of me. But I only played the MP version twice and we gave up after that, so I hardly remember anything other than I won't try coop play with Baldur's Gate 2 again.

Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
I dont quite understand how NWN is much better for MP though. Jumping in with a character that is far away from the protagonist in level as gameplay would be extremely lopsided. In BG I could just give my gf control over a few of the existing party members and she would be contributing right away, provided (major caveat) she knows the ruleset and the interface. We actually had way more fun with Baldurs Gate as we found gameplay more tactical with control over more than one character each, and also found BGs primitive RTS interface better for controlling multiple characters (henchmen control in NWN1 is a joke and I've found party control in NWN2 pretty frustrating as well), but that is to some extent a matter of taste.
I liked NWN a lot more because it was basically designed for MP play. If you start the game from the beginning then there is no lopsidedness Plus, everything ran as smooth as silk and the adventures were great together. As for the henchmen, we could live with or without the henchmen. They weren't essential.

Overall, you're right it is just a matter of different tastes.

Originally Posted by Zaleukos View Post
Nothing is awful about that per se (and I dont think it will break DA so I'm not screaming bloody murder), but as I like to play coop with my girlfriend I want more games of the kind.
Once again just different preferences. Nothing wrong with that. Although there have been quite a few games that have tried to do too much and ended up being horrible. Dungeon Lords comes to mind. Who knows what that game could have been if they decided to put their resources to just the SP experience or reverse that and they put their resources to making a great MP experience.

Games like NWN were specifically designed for Online gaming (not mmo). The singleplayer portion wasn't that bad, but it was definitely secondary to what they were trying to accomplish and did accomplish. I think if more devs just concentrated on one or the other then the game really has a fighting chance at being what they wanted it to be in the first place. Games like Diablo 2, NWN, Sacred, Dungeon Siege (horrible SP game, but decent MP one), and Titan Quest.

There really aren't that many now that I think about it. You have it harder than I do. At least they still make story driven RPGs for SP, but you might get one every 3 years or so that is halfway decent that you can play with your girlfriend.

I can definitely see why you would want them to put in co-op play.
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