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September 23rd, 2009, 12:16

Hmm, well.

There's no doubt Trier knows and understands the technical aspects of film-making, and he's very talented in that way.

But, he seems to have this obsession with provocation - almost as if he has an inner desire to disrespect his audience and make them as uncomfortable as he can.

I have to assume his catholic background has something to do with his perception of nature as evil, and women in particular being tied in very close to that.

I not only disagree with him, I also think it's a mistake to use filmmaking as one's own personal catharsis. Because that's what I think he's doing, and I honestly perceive his films - and this one in particular - as being exceedingly selfish and quite useless in terms of making things better, because I simply don't think he has a clear vision of reality. It seems distorted and overly depressing without basis in anything factual.

But oh well.

It was visually appealing and really quite fascinating, but at the same time it was intensely uncomfortable to watch, and we're not talking about it being in a good way. I wasn't provoked into thinking anything profound - and I certainly don't see the point beyond what I've already stated.

Maybe I just didn't get it - as seems to be the case with many "art" films. Not all, though.




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