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September 25th, 2009, 13:08
Permanent death is fine by me. I prefer it that way. I always have the option to reload and try a different tactic.

I do not like the 'unconscious' condition at all. To explain it a little better, if your party is wiped out except for one guy then everyone, no matter what happened, gets up with 1 hp. You rest a little bit and just like magic everyone is healed.

I think the old AD&D rules had it perfectly balanced with bleeding wounds and if your character suffered -10 hp he/she was dead.

Another example that isn't P&P. The Ultima series did death very well. Lost you're last HP and your dead. Then you have to either reload or visit the healer.

There is nothing wrong with making the game more real or difficult. There is too much hand holding in RPG nowadays.
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