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September 25th, 2009, 15:01
I don't like 'permanent' deaths, characters can die, and it can be painful to bring back (expensive spells or trips to the temple), but let's face it, if there's no way to bring back a character, 99.99999% of the players will just reload the game before the fight if their "Grunk the barbarian" dies.
Now, it's ok for characters to permanently die as part as the storyline, like the paladin deciding to stay guarding the bridge to give time to his/her friends to escape or something.

Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
I think the old AD&D rules had it perfectly balanced with bleeding wounds and if your character suffered -10 hp he/she was dead.
Yes, but even then you had raise dead spells and you could bring dead characters to a temple.
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