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September 25th, 2009, 16:40
I was going to go with "under special circumstances" with reference to both Wulf's and wolfing's argument that if it is a part of the story/plot it can be a valid death, so to speak. However, as a part of a lost battle or a poor choice? Absolutely not. Unless you can just reload a savegame from before the battle … but that makes the whole point of permanent deaths pretty moot because all you have to do is reload and voila, no dead people.

I'm playing games to have fun and I don't find it funny to have invested dozens of hours into a game only to have single mistake or a moment of inattention force me to start over because my party (or at least key members of my party) is permanently dead with no option to bring them back. So REALLY permanent death is an absolute showstopper for me.

I have NEVER played Diablo or other Action RPGs on "hardcore" mode (1 life; die and you have to start over) and I NEVER will.
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