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September 28th, 2009, 15:58
In case when I quicksave it's already too late (say, I press quicksave just as the killing blow is on the way, so when I reload I die anyway)
This will not happen.

In case the quicksave file gets corrupted and unusable
I am taking measures to avoid this happening, it would be a disaster if it happend. We would work hard to restore the save if it happend to anyone.

Just before big decisions in the game, so I can come back later if I didn't like the decision I made or just to replay the game selecting the other option without having to repeat all the content before the save.
I kind of want to avoid this, my thinking is that the when the player plays a game he has to carefully think of the decision and stick with it, instead of saving and loading until he finds the best outcome ( Sometimes it might also be fun to stick with your decision, you just don't know it yet….. since you saved and loaded too fast ), but the most important is if you do something which has a random outcome like gambling/pickpocketing, etc etc, that you could not save and load again.
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