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September 28th, 2009, 20:57
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post

Of course this is opinion is given to you from a huge Clint Eastwood fan. Everything that guy has done, imo, has been golden.
I'm shocked. Shocked! I thought you were totally uninvolved, there.

Edit: I just wanted to ask Mage, isn't it unbelievable how good he is? I mean he makes John Wayne look about as tough as Paris Hilton. Not just that, the acting chops on this guy is unbelievable. At his age still pulling off these great movies. Brilliant…just absolutely brilliant.
Hey--watch the John Wayne blasphemy --that guy's my childhood idol. That's a pretty good comparison though, actually, if you think about Wayne's career and his last role as Rooster Cogburn when he was dying. Probably the best thing he ever did, really.

RE: Clint, I've been a captive audience for most of his movies since my spouse feels the same way you do about him, but I'm actually not the hugest Eastwood fan--and I really can't stand Sandra Locke--but I do like him as both an actor and a director. He gave the performance of his life in this one, I think, and I especially enjoyed that seething look accompanied by the guttural growl--no words needed. Good stuff.
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