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September 29th, 2009, 18:52
Quick How to adapted from the fix I used for PST:
1. Download and install the microsoft application compatiblity toolkit:
2. Start the 'Compatibility Administrator' with administrator rights.
3. Click the 'New' Button
4. Right click the new database. Select 'Create new application fix…'
5. Name your program and vendor however you like. Browse to your por2.exe (I actually don't know the exact name of the executable for POR2, so this is a guess) file. Click next
6. Select 'None' for operating system modes. Click Next. Tick the 'ForceDirectDrawEmulation' compatibility fix. (No need to select additional compatibility modes)
8. Click next and finish.
9. Save your database.
10. Right click the database and select install. This will install the database.
11. Close the compatibility administrator and start POR2. This should (hopefully) fix your problems.
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