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September 30th, 2009, 02:50
Ok, Lords and Ladies. It's decision time at Casa del DTE and I'm well and truly stumped. What to play next? I have this feeling that I'm not up for a major time commitment--I think I need something that plays well in 30-60 minute bursts-- which puts a pretty good kink in the decision.

1) Drakensang- this is probably my top choice, but I wandered away from it to replay UFO:ET, which isn't encouraging
2) King's Bounty- I got a bit stuck on the Elf Islands when I was playing and didn't finish. I intend to start over for various reasons, but that's throwing away a buttload of hours which might sour the experience.
3) NWN2 OC + MotB- I made it to chapter 3, but this game just never grabbed me like NWN1 did. I feel like I should give it another try, but I don't know that I really want to.
4) X3- I installed it but never took the time to learn the new interface. After all the hours I spend with X2, I imagine this would be a good choice.
5) DivDiv- I was having a fairly good time with this one, but got bogged down in the infamous opening dungeon, died a bloody death, and never went back.
6) Wiz8- it's been nearly a year since I did Dodd's mod. I was getting a bit burned out, but perhaps it's time for another taste of perfection.
7) Majesty2- I could play solitaire until Saturday and pick this one up. Tempting, but I'd feel guilty getting a new shiny when I've got so many perfectly good shinys on the shelf.

I've actually got several other games to play/finish (Gothic1, ToEE, JA2, 1701AD), but I think I'll stick with one of the above. It's a bit bizarre--in my personal and professional life I'm very decisive but anymore when it comes to games, I'm like a woman in a shoe store. So, can the board help a wishy-washy brutha out?
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