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September 30th, 2009, 02:05
I'm liking PS:T very much. As I expected, it took me by surprise.

A few thoughts:

- Great atmosphere. I'm still in the first district, and everything feels so wretched, I almost feel dirty myself. A captivating story, so far.

- I like the dialogues, however, I'm playing a localised version, so every now and then I'm annoyed by flaws in translation.

- The Infinity Engine rules. They don't make games like these nowadays.

- Music! Very atmospheric, very… familiar?

Heh, what was I thinking all these years, I've no idea. Still, here I am, playing it now. Cheers.


I'd say Gothic, but from that list… well, I found both Drakensang and NWN2 to be time-consuming, and UFO:ET actually led me to losing a lot of sleep (never finished the game, though), so *I'd* avoid them for now. The other titles, I do not know.
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