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September 30th, 2009, 04:05
I'm happy to say that both of the listed cons sound like pros to me!

Summary from http://daforums.bioware.com/forums/v…Bioware Forums:

Pros: multi-threaded plot
great possibilities for development

looks old school
some fights are difficult like hell even at lower difficulty levels

There are additional rates for:
- graphics: 7/10
- music: 9/10
- playability 9/10
And here are some more comments from Desslock based on the review copy he has been playing for a few weeks (he is reviewing the game for PC Gamer Mag):

Because of the delay for the console ports, the PC game has been ready for a long time - even if they've still been tweaking and cleaning up a few things.

FWIW, the reviewable build I've had for a few weeks is rock solid - in over 80 hours of play, it hasn't crashed once and is very polished. No issues whatsoever aside from a single journal entry that improperly recorded the resolution of a quest (the Conor quest, Bioware guys).

If you've been looking for a party-based RPG with tough tactical combat, Dragon Age is definitely for you.

Which is not to say it's combat intensive - it's actually very dialogue heavy, and most fights feel like heavily designed, challenging, setpieces. The awarded "achievements" for keeping your character alive in combat are well-earned.
From here.
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