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September 30th, 2009, 05:48
Bear in mind that DA:O was pretty much done when EA took over. EA won't have had any reall affect on the content of this game. I do fear that DA:O could be the last really great Bioware game, but I'm confident that this will be the release that many of us have been hoping it will be.

I am wondering if there are any fights that reach the kind of difficulty you find in WoW. I'm talking fights where it takes weeks or months to work out how to beat them on the highest difficulty. A fight like that would have to be optional, you'd think, but it would be awesome if there were one or two in the game, and maybe some more as DLC. Hopefully some of the boss fights in the second half of the game where the world opens up will be the kind that take several hours of working out strats - just hope the game gives you some kind of warning that you should save your game now just before the fight.
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