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September 30th, 2009, 05:10
There is a second opinion with the review. The second reviewer gives the game 9 out of 10, and says something like the following:

(There are two translations in the thread. I have used the two of them to produce a cleaned up translation of my own)

Dragon Age is not a next-gen RPG, the gameplay is of a classical style. Gathering your party, long preparations for the bigger battles, lots of time spent studying skill trees to determine how you will develop your characters - these things are the core of the game. There are very few games these days that require so much involvement from the player. None of them offer such a complex, multi-threaded, and interesting plot, which is the most important thing. The story makes you want to spend dozens (or even hundreds) of hours with Dragon Age: Origins. I highly recommend it to hardcore RPG fans. Other gamers, sadly, have nothing to look for here.
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