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September 30th, 2009, 13:10
I hope PB and DS read this and learn. Short version: Stop screwing the honest guy with DRM or it will cost you more in the end.

Long version: I bought Risen and when my copy arrived(quite early) I immediately popped the DVD into a freshly defrag'd, de-bloated, and updated XP gaming only PC I had been preparing all day. Up came the installer with a smooth install, then down came my hopes as I pressed play for the first time and got……."Insert original DVD of Risen!" with the DVD still in the drive After two hours, four installs on two separate partitions and two different operating systems, I had achieved……"Insert original DVD of Risen!"

So I called the customer service number listed in the manual and spoke to some retard that wanted me to remove any virtual disk software and anti-virus on the PC. I explained that all VD software had already been removed, but I would try disabling the AV and call back. Two more hours later I still saw the quite familiar "Insert original DVD of Risen!" and tried to call the tech back. Voicemail was full and I'm disconnected without ceremony…for a solid hour of trying. Apparently I was not the only person having problems.

I came back to the PC and tried manually removing Alcohol, PowerISO, and VirtualCD in case some drivers had been left behind during uninstall. I also scrutinized, at length, the info from running KMdiag that the tech had requested I run. Grand result after 3 more hours….you guessed it…."Insert original DVD of Risen!" Luckily I had gone to a torrent site and started downloading a hacked english copy when I started this manual uninstall tedium. The download finished about the same time my patience ran out.

At this point I installed DTpro, mounted the hacked image, and installed without problems. Hit the Risen desktop icon and got…..the load screen. I only got to play a few minutes since all MY time had been wasted by some stupid DRM that only prevents the HONEST person from using the software. Nice thinking Koch/DS/PB! And by that I mean I will not bother buying your software ever again….and my guess is I am not the only one.
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