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September 30th, 2009, 16:10
When I called support, it was the tech that told me virtual software would interfere and had to be removed. I told him my work needs VD software(we use VirtualCD quite a lot in the testing of various computer hardware). I told him it was not going to make people happy having to remove software they need and paid for. He told me that is just how it is with DRM implementation and I'd have to remove it if I wanted to play Risen or most Koch Media products. Since this was my home PC, I had already removed it anyway. But that is not really the point. If DRM is interfering with other legal software INTENTIONALLY, that should be illegal.

Gorath, If you have a link to compatible drives I'll give it a look, but this is a fairly new DVD burner w/lightscribe with up to date drivers. I've had no compat probs with it with ANY brand of media. Besides, if it can see the drive well enough to install, it should be able to see the dam drive for a DVD simple check……..assuming that is really all it checks for, which I seriously doubt at this point.

BTW, I emailed the KMdiag text to them and haven't gotten a response. But I went through it line by line looking for any virtual drivers loading and found none. It just pisses me off that the bother with the stupid DRM crap in the first place. It was hacked before it reached retail stores…what WHO did they stop from playing the game hassle free??? Me! I know it has been hashed about for years, but I believe that if you make a good product, people will pay for it. I they can't afford it, they will pirate it.(and hopeful buy it later.) But pirated software is not a monetary loss to the maker. The sale was never gonna happen. Those pirates were not going to pay for it anyway. ut from my experience outright pirates are not as common as many people think. I know many of them and they used torrents to "test" software. If they like it, they buy it. If they don't, they uninstall. An unofficial demo if you will. The only people I know that simply won't pay for software are those in countries that simply can't afford it at any price. And if some kid in a third world country is lucky enough to save up for some computer time in a cafe…and he plays a hacked version of some game he could never afford…then god bless him. I hope it brought a lil joy to his bleak existence. And trust me, when I travel to SE Asia, I see people living in worse conditions than those in Gothic. Gothic's world would be a paradise to them. Available housing and jobs, low crime……….they would flock to the Gothic world.
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