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September 30th, 2009, 23:56
Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
a strong melee party doesn't need an in-battle healer ( especially with a few well timed potions ).
Not even for curing wounds ? Wow, this was always my first task ! As soon as wounds appeared, I made the "healer" curing them … Or someone else with also good healing abilities.

The balance seems to favour melee heroes, by the way, a bit. I often read of people who were playing with a party of rather combat-oriented heroes, and they seemed to have lesser problems or even seem to have gone through harder fights without any casualties at all.

Me, on the other hand, taking non-combat talents and heroes as equally important, I had several very hard fights, with often releads.

This led me to the thought that the game's balancing seems to prefer melee heroes at least a bit.

Originally Posted by LuckyCarbon View Post
Part of this is the classless system that allows you to develop your characters to develop skills outside of their "class".
Yesno. In the Pen & Paper rules, developing skills that don't belong to the own "class" are much, much harder than in the game. It's one of the several differences of the "tweaked" game rules compared to the pen & paper rules.

Some spells, for example, would need many more points to be developed, if they are from a different source.
I think I remember that a similar thing goes for several talents as well.

I do hope that Drakensang 2 will be more faithful to the pen & paper rules, and this will mean that it will be a partly different and perhaps even harder game.

Regeneration of magic is, for example, MUCH, much slower in the pen & paper rules !
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