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October 1st, 2009, 00:00
Here's my first impressions of the game. Have to say, that I'm somewhat dissapointed.

+ Runs smoothly (All max: Risen +60FPS, Gothic 3 ~30 FPS)
+ No bugs
+ Nice UI
+ Flexible movement
+ Good voice-overs
+ Gothic II -feeling
- Nothing new here… yet(?)
- Average graphics. Even 3 yeards old Gothic 3 looks prettier! (Thanks to XBox360)
- Combat gives no real space for tactics. (Thanks to XBox360)
- Feels very easy. (Thanks to XBox360)
- World seems small-ish.
- Not so open-end world.
- Slow-motion spiderman jumps.

My hate against console gaming can be blur the vision since most my minuses comes from there. AND these are just my first impressions after a hour of gameplay. The game kind of feels like Gothic

Feel free to add your impressions of the game.
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