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October 1st, 2009, 01:02
I'm beginning to enjoy it. At the moment I don't get quests all the time from everybody everywhere anymore, and instead of playing the secretary* I can actually focus on the game.

It took me a while getting used to the new species, finding my way through the landscape, knowing when and how to attack - in other words to feel at ease, at home, in Risen.

But now I have a crossbow - at last! O, how I loved the archery in Gothic! And I'm beginning to enjoy combat. The crossbow helps me to identify enemies from a safe distance, a feature that I like very much, and now I am able to hurt/kill instead of getting killed rather quickly. With sword and shield I was often too weak. So my mood's rising. I take the crossbow, I aim, I shoot - I cheer. Voila. Okay, most of the time several bolts are needed before victory can be proclaimed and reloading takes quite some time, but I'm only a beginner. Trouble is the opponents, they rarely come alone, usually two or three at a time. But it forces me to be creative - o, what fun I have - yes, with a sword and a crossbow I'm finally getting those bleep bast-bleep-ds!

O and do try to take a bath when you'll get the chance, I thought it was very funny.

*in case one of you does not know: I get no quest information in my Journal. See other thread.




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