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October 1st, 2009, 22:59
So far really enjoying it. Just hitting some NPC areas, about an hour in.

+ good voice acting
+ seems to run flawlessly in Windows 7 x64
+ nicely written dialog
+ smart quick bar only shows items that are assigned. If you have items in only slots 4,5, and 6, then you only see those three items, no empty boxes. Use up an item in a slot, and it disappears. I like it.
+ clouds are like Gothic 3, realistic and nicely animated
+ combat is very good IMO (so far melee only, getting a ranged weapon soon)
+ good music
+ Feels like Gothic.
+ Also doesn't feel like Gothic, something new
+ quick saving and loading saved games is quick
+ can cook food
+ just the right amount of challenge. you will find areas that are too high level for the early game, and just as easily circumvent them. (no level scaling obviously)
+ doesn't seem buggy so far

- graphics are underwhelming. as it's been said not as good as Gothic 3 even but definitely serviceable, and most won't mind. I don't that much.
- keys don't disappear after you use them
- saving (not quicksaving) requires unnecessary steps instead of naming/dating the save and putting you back into the game without extra keystrokes
- Edit: the ambient sounds cuts out for a split second about every 5 seconds, noticed at the shore and at the swamp, may happen everywhere. Seems like the audio loop doesn't restart seamlessly. Maybe Win7 issue only?
- looking at the sky saw some kind of graphical glitch appearing through the clouds a little. Unless there's supposed to be a structure up there
- no way to set mouse sensitivity in game?
(I did in Risen\data\ini\ConfigDefault.xml - set x and y lower
mouse sensitivity 0.5f - I used .2 might go lower still)

That's all I can think of right now. Overall, really getting into it.
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