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October 2nd, 2009, 07:15
I can't get Risen to run on my main PC, running Vista 32 Ultimate and my GTX 295 graphics card because I can't get past the DRM check… sigh

I have the same DRM check problem on my older WinXp computer (different make/model DVD Player as well)… however, if I QUICKLY double-click the Risen icon AFTER I get the dreaded, 'Insert Original Risen Disc' error message, oddly, the game starts.

First impressions of the actual game:

Runs great. Even on my older rig I get 30 fps with all graphics settings to max. I know a lot of people may be dissapointed with the somewhat dated graphics. But after G3 and it's endless sstttuuuttteriiinngg… I'm happy to have a game that just runs and streams the world well.

Saving/Loading are very quick. The UI is very elegant… unlike a previous poster I have no problems with my quest log… quests seem to be recording ok.

Exploring is fun and rewarding. If you look around corners you can get yourself some nice things early on.

Your character is very agile and moves more fluidly with the environment. Was playing G2 today and moving around is very 'stiff.'

I like the foilage fade they implemented, now when you're rummaging around in bushes you can see around your character a bit. Nice touch.

LIke the prior gothic games, the music so far is excellent. Though like another poster pointed out, you can tell when an ambient sound clip loops back to the start… especially noticable at the beach where you start.

It's all I can think of for now. Sure hope I can find some kind of solution to the DRM problem I'm having so I can play this on my main PC.
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