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October 2nd, 2009, 10:28
Finally got my hands on it. Played quite a while, joined up with the Don. Enjoying it a whole lot so far. I like pretty much everything about it, except a few things:

- Ugly heads. I don't mean "people who look ugly", I mean graphically ugly heads. Some of them are just plain aweful.
- Takes ages to get proper armor. Paying 500g for Workers Clothing? Don't think so. I already have 30 talent points waiting for me that I can't spend because the trainers are too expensive. So far, I've spent quite a few points in strength, so the strength stat is getting very expensive to level up (trainers get more and more expensive as you progress).
- Nothing at all new. This is not a bad thing really, but it might become an issue if PB decides to continue using this recipe - 3DO and the M&M brand ended up suffering because they were getting behind in terms of innovation (partly, at least), then tried (and failed) to make up for it in M&M9. For now though, this recipe is working wonders in Risen - finally PB gets to show just how good they are. They needed this reputation boost, and I have no doubt that Risen will restore the faith of many fans (and hopefully create many new fans). Then they can worry about changing the recipe a bit to seem more refreshing.

The best thing so far is the combat system. I love it. All melee fighting styles look and feel great, with dodging, parrying/blocking, various attacks and combos. I spent quite a few reloads trying to beat Brogar in the arena, but it was very satisfying to finally beat him.

At any rate, I'm at work now, will go all out in the weekend and post more as I get further into the game.

PS. Risen has the coolest staff fighting I've ever seen in a game. Very martial-art-movie-like. Looks amazing. In fact, I regret not sticking with the Inquisition at this point, and look forward to focusing on staff fighting.
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