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October 2nd, 2009, 13:50
Definitely enjoying the game so far. This game feels more Gothic III than the actual Gothic III…
I have played quite a bit, and have completed all the quests for
except for the last task in the city. Since I decided to join the order.


I do have few nit to pick though.

- Has anyone figured out how to unlock the key binding for some of the buttons?
- Combat is fine, and actually engaging, but I wish the camera followed the main character faster, and that there is a way to bind side stepping to to keys.
- I prefer the jumping animation in Gothic II. In this game (and most recent 3rd person RPGs like Divinity 2) jumping has too much of a "floating in air" feel. (It has a "String-fu" feel)
- Is it just me or are the female characters' head to body ratio bit off? Their heads are all disproportionally small-ish. It is esp. noticeable for the
- Some funny graphical glitches, like "rotating" heads. Or NPCs getting stuck in a animation loop.

But I am really nitpicking here. The game thus far is everything that I had hoped. A little advice, if you ever jump into something and get stuck save and reload, and you should be able to get out eventually.
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