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October 3rd, 2009, 17:09
Once again, the game won't offer any choices between good and evil. Rather, it will force you to decide what is important to you and whom can you trust. Many times you'll be left with real doubts about the choices you've made because the consequences of your decisions will be unpredictable.
My problem in the first game was that the choices seemed meaningless, since there were equally bad results no matter what choice I made. OK, they wanted to make a "gritty" game, I guess. But with no choices between good and evil, picking a choice is basically just random, especially when all choices lead to the same basic results.

A player should have REASONS to pick one path or another (which is basically all that good vs evil are). I can see trying to make choices less simplistic, but not by making them meaningless. If I want to play as a good guy, that should be possible. I should have enough information - clues, at least - to pick the "best" choice as I see it, and to have that decision play out as a real difference.

And my problem with the card minigame was how sexually immature it was. I'd like to see a MATURE game, and something like that - clearly designed for (or by) randy 13-year-olds - was laughably immature. The nudity was fine (of course, here in America, a "wardrobe malfunction" seems to be considered worse than mass murder). But that ridiculous card minigame made me feel like I was playing a game designed strictly for adolescents. OK, I know games need to appeal to children, too, but couldn't we have something more adult for Witcher 2?
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