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October 4th, 2009, 09:01

I'd say Wither is a much more simplified way of playing RPG's.. Its not even a real RPG since you dont really have a choice of what character you want to be, you're a Witcher, the devs has decided that, not you.

I prefer RPG's like TES and FO3, those gives me limitless opportunities to roleplay basicly any kind of character i want and to really customize it the way i want, and to go and have my adventures exactly where i want.

Mods has made these games, almost, perfect, vanilla style i think they're just "ok" quite clearly they're more like base that you're supposed to build upon (so i'm not basing my experinces how these games are without mods).

In free roaming RPG's the story is what you do in the game, your own adventures and explorations. I dont need a developer to hold my hand throughout the whole game, or to say "sorry in this game you're a Witcher, so you can't use that weapon or wear that armor". That's just not what role playing is for me.

I've played my share of pen & paper RPG's too in my youth, fantastic experinces and the free roaming is much more similar to games like TES or FO3 than games like The Witcher which feels very limited to how the devs want it to be and play out. RP'ing shouldnt be streamlined like that.

It's nice to have a basic story, but really, the adventures and explorations YOU make in RPG's are often far, far more interesting and satisfying, because those kind of things are more unique. If i play e.g a Bioware game or The Witcher i'll have, basicly, 90% the same adventure/exploration experience as anyone else playing the game, that's boring. It's almost like reading a book :/ and that's not what RP'ing is all about.
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