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October 4th, 2009, 09:59
Prime Junta;

A good DM will make sure you'll get a personal, unique and fun experience. Sounds like you had a boring DM.

I'd say the questing is just as mechanical in The Witcher or in a Bioware game, just with, sometimes, a bit better dialogue and sometimes more interesting characters, i'll give them that

Dragon Age (linear like usual with Bioware, i bet?) and Diablo (never appealed to me, extremely limited games when it comes to roleplaying and exploring) are totally uninteresting to me.

From what i've heard of a friend that finished ME 2 times, he said the experience was very unsatisfying and didn't really feel any different, i've read the same on different forums. Could be that Witcher is way better in that regard, i havent played it though several times so i couldnt say.

Could be that games like TES and FO3 requires a bit more of the player in regards to imagination, i make up my own stories, background and purposes, that's closer to how P&P RP's were for me - very personal and unique. That doesnt really work in a RPG like The Witcher because how streamlined it is to give you a certain experience that the devs has decided.

Why i am in this thread? It's a forum, we disscuss stuff we feel strongly for? If you want a forum where everyone thinks the same go to the offical forum, im pretty positive you'll find that 99% of the people there are fan boys and would rahter die than to criticize something. It's not any different on the TES forums.

edit: oh, a question about the branching story lines in the witcher, will it have any _real_ and even visisble impact or is it just in the dialogue? I mean like if you choose one path a whole city will be in ruins while if you take another it will flourish, and you will see this graphically?
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