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October 4th, 2009, 10:28
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Prime Junta;

A good DM will make sure you'll get a personal, unique and fun experience. Sounds like you had a boring DM.
Well, probably, since I *was* the boring DM, most of the time. Still, my players keep coming back, for over ten years now with this group.

It can be personal, unique, and fun *without* being completely unconstrained. The thing is that the more you constrain the characters, the better you can connect them to the world, and the more meaningful the conflicts, problems, and other situations can be. From there on out, it's up to them to deal with them as they see fit.

For example, my current campaign is centered around the magistrate of a small village in an outlying district of something that's uncannily like mythical China. I set a quite a few parameters for this character -- he's a he, a noble, has a background in the civil service, has studied law, comes from a minor family in a certain amount of economic difficulties, that sort of thing. However, how he deals with problems in Three Hills is entirely up to him and his associates.

Of course, in a story-heavy computer game things have to be somewhat more constrained simply because a computer can't improvise very well -- but overall this structure isn't that different from The Witcher's -- you were handed a character to play with, and then it was up to you to make of him what you will.

I'd say the questing is just as mechanical in The Witcher or in a Bioware game, just with, sometimes, a bit better dialogue and sometimes more interesting characters, i'll give them that
Except that in The Witcher and BioWare games, quests often have multiple different outcomes, they affect each other, and they affect the overarching storyline. This is the diametrical opposite of the TES way of having every quest or questline in a completely independent bubble.

Dragon Age (linear like usual with Bioware, i bet?) and Diablo (never appealed to me, extremely limited games when it comes to roleplaying and exploring) are totally uninteresting to me.
I understand that Dragon Age will have a pretty big and open world that you can explore at your leisure.

From what i've heard of a friend that finished ME 2 times, he said the experience was very unsatisfying and didn't really feel any different, i've read the same on different forums. Could be that Witcher is way better in that regard, i havent played it though several times so i couldnt say.
Mass Effect was very unsatisfying in most ways, and a big let-down for me at least. The Witcher wasn't; I played that through three times with different choices each time, and the differences were big enough that the experience was fresh every time.

Could be that games like TES and FO3 requires a bit more of the player in regards to imagination, i make up my own stories, background and purposes, that's closer to how P&P RP's were for me - very personal and unique. That doesnt really work in a RPG like The Witcher because how streamlined it is to give you a certain experience that the devs has decided.
That's quite likely the reason you prefer open-world, unconstrained game designs. Nothing wrong with that, as I said -- but that doesn't make more constrained, more story-driven designs less RPG. The opportunities for role-playing are just different: your actions have a real effect on the surrounding world; they *mean* something to other characters in the game. In TES-style open-world designs, the only actions that make any difference to anyone else are the ones on the main quest, which, as I said, is even more linear than in the ones you're citing.

Why i am in this thread? It's a forum, we disscuss stuff we feel strongly for?
Exactly -- and since you don't care about The Witcher, why discuss it here?

If you want a forum where everyone thinks the same go to the offical forum, im pretty positive you'll find that 99% of the people there are fan boys and would rahter die than to criticize something. It's not any different on the TES forums.
Criticizing flaws in something you like and are interested in is one thing. Dissing something because you don't like the whole concept is another. There's a reason I don't hang out on Oblivion forums, or discuss Oblivion here on Oblivion threads, and the reason is that I dislike the entire concept. I do sometimes bring it up on threads about other games as an example of how not to do things, of course, but that, again, is a bit different.
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