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October 4th, 2009, 13:38
Here is what I'm using

Morrowind unofficial patch
Morrowind code patch


Morrowind graphic extender
Improved no glow. Removes the annoying plastic magic effect from magic items.
Better bodies
Better heads
Better clothes
Better armors
Slof's better beasts
Plus loads of small graphic mods like key replacer, hendalf's gold, better misc items, few of those better weapon texture mods, clear glass and ice etc…


Quick char. Now you can skip the whole tutorial part in the begining if you wish.

Npc healers. It does what the name says. Now you can get healing services from the tempples. A small but very immersive addition.

Drug realism. Wasn't it annoying that everytime you wanted to trade with someone, the trader refused to do a deal in case you had skooma or moon suggar in your inventory. Now they refuse only if you try to sell those illegal goods.

Dodge mod. Improves unarmored skill. Must for monk lovers.

Fashionable merchants. they no longer wear the armor you sold just before..Looks rather stupid to see a trader wearing full set of dwemer armor inside of his own shop.

Adjusted Magica regen. Magica regens very slow. Makes game much more fun to me and it doesn't unbalance it at all.

Enhanced stealth. Makes stealth system more complex, like penalties for wearing heavy armors etc.

Realistic training. Real sparring partners in fighters guild or imperial legion forts! Naturally they require a fee for their services just like any other training would do,

Herbalism lite. This clever mod allows you to harvest flora without tedious routine of opening containers everytime. I highly recommand this.

Vampire realism. More penalties for being a vampire, but also couple of nice rewards.

Morrowind comes alive. Great mod, I wouldn't play without this.

Gladiator. Makes the whole arena in vivec a worhwhile place to visit and offers a chance to improve your combat skills that is if you can survive
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