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October 4th, 2009, 20:37
Hi again, I am once more undeniably stuck

I am on the search for the 5 crystal discs, and one of them is supposedly "in the big temple to the east of the bandit camp". I can only find 1 big temple east of there, and it is full of molten lava and whatnot. There are also 2 blue barriers in there, one of them sealing off a chamber with a large chest. Since I have yet to find the darn disc, I am suspecting that it is behind one of those barriers.

The problem is that I am one of the Don's hunters, and as such I cannot learn any magic. I already have the disc from Eldic the druid, where Cyrus gave me 3 scrolls that could bypass red barriers. I've still got 2 of those left, only they will not work on the blue barriers.

When speaking to Cyrus, I only get the option to trade with him, and he does not sell anything that works on blue barriers. Apparently neither does anyone else at the monastery, or anywhere else I've looked in the game. No scrolls or seals to take down those annoying barriers.

IS the disc behind one of those blue doors (in the big volcanic temple), or am I just overlooking something that does not require bypassing the blue barriers? Or is there some obscure way for a hunter to acquire scrolls that will take down a blue barrier?

I've been searching for the past 2 hours now, running back and forth, trading, talking, casting scrolls left and right and I just cannot find any solution *sigh*
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