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October 6th, 2009, 09:43
Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
I don't understand why there are so many people complaining about their GFX card. The 8000 series is 4y old -> They don't have to get a 7000 series card working, it's just goodwill. Krzychu and grinaris, buy another video card. It's not like they cost that much nowadays.
Eh…What you do not realise , like me, here, disabled, its not that easy to just pop in a new card…This gaming 'puter cost me allot I am still paying off..
I DL Risen from Steam twas more doing it here, In Éire paid allot for a game that has been nothing but glitches, fog, unsee-able nights..ect.. ..I read that this WAS tested on the NVidia 7 series with NO problems..

Have a heart, not everyones is rolling in coins.. I play Oblivion, on high, Fallout 3 maxed and even Bioshock..This card is just fine on my Duo Core 2 Extreme..to play these games maxed,..
So why should not support still be there..Its more than goodwill, its responsibility, if they still sell us the card, on a gaming machine..they need to support it..

As for the producers..they are slacking with a fix..if 7 series did not work, they should have told us first before we spent our money, and nor have reviews, that it was tested, saying it would work on the 7950GT card..
Aye it is their responsibility lad, it is..aye, as it is the producers of the game..la
For it is not the Vid card, thats the problem, alone..its the programming..

If you don't believe me go to the Deep Silver Forum itself heres the link tread that states by those in the know..its not the Vid card, tis the game..

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