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October 6th, 2009, 11:23
Your complaints are valid naturally but if you have a 7950GT on a core 2 extreme it
might be a good idea to go for a better card (an ATI 4870 or NVIDIA GTX260 which
are very good value for money).

I recently purchased an ATI 4870 for my aging PC deciding to forego an expensive
new system and discovered to my great surprise that the game was actually GPU
limited in 1280x800 and everything on low on my AMDFX55 ATI X1900XT rig !
(game plays great now on 1680x1050 everything high except DOF and fps 32-55).

So do not expect to get a very playable experience from that card (which is a shame
since you have a good cpu). Even an ATI 4850 would make a huge difference (although
for the small price dif. I would go for the 4870).

anyway my 2c.
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