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October 6th, 2009, 12:07
Better than G3 you say ?!
I can play G3 cp 1.72 at 1680x1050 all maxed out at very decent fps (bar the stuttering
naturally). I achieved the same playability in Risen at 1280x800 everything on low with
visibility at medium (and boy did the game look awful at those settings)… Weird…

Edit: Ah I seem to remember that G3 really did not scale well to more average systems
(actually it didn't scale all that well upwards too) so yeah its possible risen scales better in
comparison (although that is not what I got on my little pre/after ATI 4870 test)

The memory requirement alone should make a difference (G3 Needed at least 1,5 GB
Risen should be Ok with 1…)
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