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October 7th, 2009, 16:30
Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
I don't understand why there are so many people complaining about their GFX card. The 8000 series is 4y old -> They don't have to get a 7000 series card working, it's just goodwill. Krzychu and grinaris, buy another video card. It's not like they cost that much nowadays.
I've got a 7900 GTO and after all those years I'm still quite satisfied with it (I was quite surprised that I got Crysis running with maxed out settings [DX9, mind you]). The 7900 GTO is still better than the low performing 8000 series cards, no need to update (and no money).

And it's not goodwill, it's keeping the target group as wide as possible. Not everybody a) is able to and b) intends to upgrade his rig. Especially if Crysis runs without any problems and looks better (not talking about art direction here). I won't be upgrade my PC until 2015. What runs, runs. What doesn't, doesn't get bought. I'm that hardcore.
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