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October 9th, 2009, 16:52
Originally Posted by masmune View Post
heres a spoiler
There are 20 hero crowns in the game.
Thanks for the spoiler. I found those 13 Hero Crowns in chapter 1. I've just started chapter 2. After five minutes of gameplay in chapter 2 I got a level up so it was only then that I got myself Alchemy 3. I wish I had spent some LP on the alchemy skills a bit sooner, I mean in chapter 1, instead of wasting LP on strength in chapter 1.

Originally Posted by masmune View Post
alchemy isn't the only way to increase your stats, you can eat 10 apple and gain +1 strenght, same applies to egg but I'm not sure how much and it I think it only happens once
Thanks, I didn't know that. Have a whole lot of apples + eggs at my disposal.

Originally Posted by masmune View Post
i also came across a cooking recipe that give +1 dex and it requires 2 meat, 1 potatoes and 1 spices (or sommat like that).
Yes, I found 4 bags of spices. Does anybody know whether more bags can be found?

Originally Posted by masmune View Post
another tip is to use potion when you have gain the maximum attribute. So for strenght you can get a maximum for 100 i think, and then you use potions that will give you atleast 200 strenght and that will give a great plus to your damage.




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