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October 9th, 2009, 21:01
From Giantbomb

I submitted this to the news, but in case it doesn't make it, I'll post it here too.

This is a play through on PC. Focused on combat, interface, spell selection etc. They purposefully skipped any story element to avoid spoilers.

A lot of interface shots. Some interesting notes that I think would make "watchers" happy :

- Quote from the folks from giantbomb: the game is on a harder scale for RPG.
- Elegant inventory shared party inventory system, when you switch character different items are highlighted depend on whether or not they can use it.
- A lot of PAUSING during the combat, which looks to be absolutely necessary.
- From what I see, the camera control is like that of WoW, when you are directly controlling your character to move around. The behind the character view is very smooth. In combat, esp. when PAUSED camera can be scrolled and rotated freely.
- Mages are harder to start.
- Nice selection of spells, with inspiration from DnD.
- Loots are on the bodies of defeated enemies, like in WoW, with the sparkle effect. This is much better than bags appearing on the ground…
- Traps can be devastating… (I am thinking that traps will be very useful in DA:O)
- The game look and play great even on a modest system. (I followed giantbomb closely, and their new PC system has very mid range components, like GTX 260 only)
- Battles are tough, I don't see how one could play it with a lot of pausing and planning. Just running into a battle will NOT be a good idea. During the short video, the main character died couple of times, and the whole party almost got wiped towards the end.
- Two sets of weapons that can be changed easily on the fly.
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