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October 10th, 2009, 01:17
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
But some skills do become useless. If you know how to play Fallout, most skills are useless. You go to that Brother of Steel, get some Power Armour and the game is a piece of cake. Most things can't hurt you anymore. If in Gothic you know where the Skeleton Bow is and you find it, you can one-hit kill most starting creatures and shoot again for some others without needing to spend tons of skill points. In GII, if you're smart enough , you can get that crazy sword from the cave and beat most of the game with it.

Roleplaying is for roleplaying, if your point is to remember every single exploit of a game and then not use any of the skills so be it. But it doesn't mean they're useless.

There's a way some games are 'supposed' to be played. In GI, you enter the Old Camp, get led to either the sect camp or the new camp and choose which faction you would want to join. But you could go to the new camp first or the old mine first (for the bow).

You can approach every thing in the way you describe. Why have quests then ?
They're going to be mostly static, what's the point for them once you've played the game you'll know about them so there's no point in completing them again. What's the point in playing a game (if you want to go to the complete extreme…) ? All the games will have you run around, complete some quests which have nothing to do with anything whatsoever, get you some kind of currency where you can spend that currency on improving your character and then kill some big boss or save the world somehow !
eh? I'm not getting this at all.
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