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October 12th, 2009, 03:18
I don't mind, because that I did open the can of worms again.

With a budget ranging in the millions of dollars and a team of professionals, leaving a potion or sword which renders much of the game moot is a bad design.

My project personally randomly generates most loot, and even the few artifact weapons a) won't be powerful enough to do much to help a weak player beat the game, b) will be worthless without having skill to use it, because weapons never affect attack rolls, and c) are challenges to even find, much less acquire. It will take a sheer stroke of luck to find a weapon to do what you've described, and it'll still require playing through the game because you won't be able to use the bloody thing.

Language skills can be used to open up an entirely different path; I think I mentioned that. Relying on that one trick pony though, won't make for an interesting game. As with anything, it makes it worthwhile only if it's in addition to traditional methods. The reason things are done as they are is simply because it works to create a fun game.

A no name cartographer managing to get hired to explore and map an area by a kind because of his mediocre maps sold to peasants isn't well grounded in common sense. The King would already have a favored explorer for such duties, or would commission a military operation for that purpose. And it would be a stretch just to give that skill some use beyond the automap.

Again, you won't manage to make me feel that certain skills are more than tertiary skills; and not worth having to design and balance a system of measured advancement for it. So we'll again have to agree to disagree.

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