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October 12th, 2009, 07:20
Originally Posted by Jaga View Post
So essentially, I have to sneak INTO town first before ever hitting the Monestary up, do all the mage's quests first (and order-aligned available quests), and THEN go to the Monestary and make the choice after getting a recommendation.

In a nutshell, I've wasted the last two days of gameplay because the info either wasn't available, or the game's choices weren't clear. Great. I was in the swamp doing quests until I got fed up with their backstabbing, then decided to hit the monestary and become a mage. Apparently the only way to accomplish this is to sneak into town and get friendly with Belschwur first, then the Order.

This was one gripe I had with the game when I first looked at it - buggy quests, vague references and shoddy directions. I'm all for a hardcore RPG, since I grew up on them, but having wasted days of my life really is over the top. Now I have to see if I have a savegame where I was about to leave the swamp, and re-play the last 30+ hours. I've really lost a horrible amount of time that was spent questing, wandering, listening to dialogue, testing stuff out, etc.

Thanks for the tips guys, just wish that it wasn't this maddeningly hard to pick what you want to play in the game. It'll cost them some review points when I start writing, to be sure. Cheers for the community in any event.
LOL, blame the game for your own stupidity? My first time through this was easily figured out, multiple people in the game tell you how to become a mage.
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