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October 12th, 2009, 15:00
Originally Posted by revjwh View Post

I find your tone and words offensive. You are the reason forums need to ban members who cannot maintain civility and still disagree.

Grow up please or leave the forums.

I agree, Risen is a bit dense in terms of some of the character development dynamics - which have nothing to do with the immersiveness of the world and detracts from the overall game because it has such high potential to waste countless real-life hours when one learns of such a huge mistake.

Talk about being a hypocrite, namecalling, Insults, How old are you? Yet you tell me to grow up. This game is about consequences, if it was all laid out for you, there would be no mystery, no thinking about your actions and fear of consequences, thats a large part of the mystery of these games, sorry, but the game does no need to be dumbed down more.

Also, learn the difference between spelling, and bad typing.
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