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October 12th, 2009, 23:36
If only it had the feeling Gothic 2 had. I nearly finished Risen but seeing how repetitive it became, i couldn't force myself to grind on. Restarted to join a different party, only to find almost everything to be the same. Reading about the lame end-boss made me quit entirely. What a reward for all that grinding! I don't get where the "high replay value" claims come from?

G2 had replay value because every faction treated you different. Here you can befriend the outlaws at the swamp as well as the zealots of the monastery. Sneaking around there as the Don's errand boy didn't seem to get anybodys attention even when i ransacked the whole Monastery. I expected to be escorted to the Inquisitor with a tight squad of warriors all the way from the gate. Instead; "Nah, you're free the roam the Holy Halls, pick whatever is at your hands' reach."

During the second attempt at playing, offering to work for the Don in Harbour Town while wearing Recruit robes got next to no attention. Dumbasses, of course i'll double-cross you since i'm a warrior-in-training for the Inquisition! But i guess everyone roleplays in their own way. I stick to one path at a time instead of reaping the maximum possible quest rewards no matter how conflicting they are. Suppose that affects my views on the game.

All in all, an atmospheric and visually quite a pleasant game (sunset, sunrise, night time). Worth the time in any case, for the first two chapters…
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