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October 13th, 2009, 00:41
After lurking here for over a year it might be time for the first post thought I already registered but I guess not hehe…

For what it's worth, I understand the complete frustration with having spent 2 days on the wrong path than the one you wanted. The game does outline it in some way but if someone is captured at the very beginning then there isn't much to do.

However I my self like that "harsh" consequence as that's how Gothic games in my opinion have and should be where you can so easily get your hands burned for making a wrong move.

And now for the reason of my post. Being rather meticulous (typo) I have some 300 savegames, and I am quite certain I have one right before making the choice and talking to Pallas after receiving my letter of recommendation (only 5 LP used for prospecting otherwise plenty to spend). You'd be welcome to it or anyone else who would like to try out a mage or anything of that kind, or if you're stuck somewhere I might be able to help as well.

Hope that's ok with the forum guidelines otherwise ofcourse feel free to delete the message

Goodluck to all, enjoy Risen and thanks for PB for a great come back.
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