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October 13th, 2009, 00:52
Originally Posted by Omega View Post
Gosh, that's a sweet thing to offer! Stavut means sweet?
300 savegames! Wouldn't it take you hours to comb out the right one?!
Nah hehe, but thanks. I tend to give my savegames funny or easy to remember names prior to big stuff, so could get it ready quite fast. Just noticed that there's some attatchment option in the reply box, I'll have it zipped since that's one of the valid extensions.

The character is at level 10 with 95 available LP, and with the harbor town quests mostly pretty much finished and having had the first conversation with Pallas and taking Mage as an option and not an inquisition warrior. As you venture in the monestary you will be presented with the various tasks from the masters.

Again hope it's ok and don't wish to spoil it for anyone, but hope its of any help for those who wanted to become a mage but didn't become one and are without a proper savegame.

Edit: The filesize was larger than the accepted size, I found this free upload site (Danish since I'm from Denmark) and it should be free from malware and such otherwise if anything feel free to delete, here's the link http://www.gratisupload.dk/download/34748/
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