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October 13th, 2009, 02:11
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Back to the topic, please…

It's your game, Jaga, but I'm curious why you thought it was worth ditching your game. Mages in Risen still melee fight and Warriors of the Order still use magic - the distinction really isn't much. In fact, if I loaded up two separate saves and stripped the characters of their distinctive armour, I think it would take you a while to figure out which character was which.
I believe I read somewhere when first doing research on the game, the classes available, combat techniques, etc.. that "pure mages" were the only ones able to cast spells like Levitation, directly from Runes and using nothing more than mana. Everyone else needs to scribe them onto a scroll to cast them, which while it uses different materials, requires a different sort of preparation, and a totally different execution. One is a "magically enabled warrior who can scribe/use scrolls", the other is a "pure magic user who only needs (permanent) Runes and enough mana.

I would prefer to play the pure path first, then a game with zero magic at all (bandit with thievery), and if I fancy another run through later, perhaps a warrior who blends the two styles. Not getting rid of my old warrior savegame, made a whole new line for this restart.

Originally Posted by Stavut View Post

And now for the reason of my post. Being rather meticulous (typo) I have some 300 savegames, and I am quite certain I have one right before making the choice and talking to Pallas after receiving my letter of recommendation (only 5 LP used for prospecting otherwise plenty to spend). You'd be welcome to it or anyone else who would like to try out a mage or anything of that kind, or if you're stuck somewhere I might be able to help as well.

Hope that's ok with the forum guidelines otherwise ofcourse feel free to delete the message

Goodluck to all, enjoy Risen and thanks for PB for a great come back.
That's a very generous offer, and had it been posted yesterday I'd probably have grabbed it and maybe even used it. But as it stands, my new game is already past an audience with the Don, and I'm ready to do the town's questline. Perhaps someone else will have a need for it. Thanks for the thought however!

I will note this: replaying the same areas and quests that I did the first time, I picked up a few new tricks and strategies for different combatants (monsters) than I originally had. And was even able to defeat several strong opponents (like Brogar) with just a starter sword/shield while taking no damage, and having zero training. So it wasn't a complete loss, more like an adventurer in training the first time through, heh. I do have around 10-15 more hours to reach where I was, I figure.
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