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October 13th, 2009, 03:02
I love great mysteries, puzzles, and challenges. I highly dislike being forced to play a character I did not make because it was vague how to do it.
It didn't seem vague to me, but then my past experiences with Gothic led me to expect the way of the Mage to be at least a little bit hidden.

The mage class in the Gothic series has always been something of an 'unlockable' class. PB tends to make the mage class more difficult to play than other classes so they put up some road blocks to keep people from just selecting it on a whim. If the road blocks cause you problems, then it's probably best to play a different class anyway.

I suppose they could have just given us a choice of 3 classes right when we washed up on shore with a little note to say that the mage class is harder. That's always a pretty rough choice to make, though, when you have almost no experience with how the game is played. This is, IMHO, a much more natural and effective way of making your character's class choice.
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