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October 13th, 2009, 14:54
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
There were great parts of all TES games - but in each instance there were problems so huge as to overshadow the great parts quite severely, as I see it.

As for Morrowind, I found the NPCs, combat, cookie-cutter dungeons, and character system absolutely dreadful - which is a huge problem in a CRPG of that nature. Tons of other problems, but those were the big issues for me. The character system, which is so praised by many people, is basically the same except minor differences across the series - and I always DESPISED it. So that's a very subjective factor.
Subjective indeed. I liked the variety of choices. More often than once i ended up ditching a character only because a brand new idea popped in my head, that doesn't happen with games like Risen. Then again, who likes that and who doesn't… The stick-figurine combat was dreadful, yes, and not just because of animations. But i pushed all of that aside just to see the world, especially when filled by mods. Very rewarding adventuring.
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