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October 13th, 2009, 15:03
Originally Posted by toxeus View Post
Subjective indeed. I liked the variety of choices. More often than once i ended up ditching a character only because a brand new idea popped in my head, that doesn't happen with games like Risen. Then again, who likes that and who doesn'tů The stick-figurine combat was dreadful, yes, and not just because of animations. But i pushed all of that aside just to see the world, especially when filled by mods. Very rewarding adventuring.
It might just be me, but I have a very hard time getting excited by the message "Blade skill increased from 33 to 34" with absolutely no discernable difference whatsoever.

In Morrowind it's especially bad, because there are no new moves or powers in combat, just a number scaling upwards whenever the comparison between skill and inherent weapon damage warrants it. As I recall, they even had a "feature" where between the tiny handful of attacks, it would automatically use the most efficient one so you could effectively witness the exact same attack throughout the entire game.

It's a nice idea to have spell creation and item creation, but given the dreadfully boring effects and no sense of discovery in that way - it's basically a wasted effort.

I adore the idea of that level of customization, but if you're going to give players that kind of power - you gotta make it exciting. Even if you can create ten zillion spells, who among us would bother to select more than a dozen to fit our purpose and just scale them as our power grew. It's MUCH more interesting to have developer designed spells with cool names and effects that you're dying to discover.

That's why I consider Risen infinitely better in that regard, because spells and attack moves were great in terms of rewarding progress.

I have a hard time imagining a more hollow and non imaginative way of providing character progress than what I've witnessed in TES - but as I said, that's subjective.




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