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Default Anyone have issues with SecureROM?

October 13th, 2009, 19:10
This is the 2nd game I bought from THC (Titan Quest was the other) that used SecureROM and forced me to DL the no DVD crack to play it.

My DVD drive doesn't see the Disc, due to SecreROM's displeasure with some other unknown software on my system. (I was able to load from a mapped drive on another PC, but that doesn't fix the play disk issue).

After sending no less than 3 analysis file to SecreROM, (and being given lame and weak suggestions by their amateur staff that did nothing to help), I finnaly had to resort to the hacked exe to play. The thing that burns me is that they NEVER DID analyze the files (which are encrypted so you cant even try yourself).

At one point one of their techs even said they couldn't analyze them. On round 3 they emailed a link to yet another app that would restore the exe (yes, they guessed correctly that players are forced to change it), and create YET ANOTHER analysis file they could piss away. I refused.

Just a word to the wise - beware of SecureROM products.
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