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October 13th, 2009, 21:59
I didn't have much luck with this. I'm on Windows 7. It seems nhancer added a border around the edges of the screen on my game. But not always. Sometimes only when AA was switched on, sometimes when not. No clue what was going on there but I uninstalled it. Either way when I try to use AA of any kind (now trying with the nV control panel) I get a different problem of white pixels around edges.

I also get white pixels around edges when I use this mod.

As far as view distance, I'm near the monastery so I guess I can see the volcano with or without this mod. But I can see the ocean also without and I don't see anything else on the horizon with the mod. I don't know what else I'm supposed to see. The only thing it seemed to improve was objects and NPCs fade in more smoothly instead of popping in but I don't really see them much farther away, certainly not 10x.

EditL When I change the draw values to this higher ones suggested in the alternate link in this thread the white pixels around the volcano disappear and now I can see all of it. There's still some tearing around the bottoms of buildings. Maybe I can enable vsync for that.

edit 2 the tearing seems to be at the bottom of just one particular building lol, wasn't the case with the AA enabled, and it wasn't happening there at all without this mod. Jeez when you think have the symptoms figured out… at any rate the improvements seem to be coming together but I can't use AA or there's little tearing/white pixels all over
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