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October 16th, 2009, 15:26
Had this been a day 1 DLC I'd have probably raised an eyebrow even though they said many times that DLC was to be part of the future for Borderlands, but since this won't hit until perhaps December or some such—-plenty of time in advance. This just doesn't strike me as an "excluded just because" move.
I partially agree, however, it still leaves the DLC sour taste in my mouth.

If it's mid-game content I want it at release, I don't want it in a month or two, I've already played the game, I'm not going back to just play a new zone.

However if it's at release I want it to be included, not paying extra for it. Then it does feel like they intentionally left it out just to charge extra for it. It irks me when the announce DLC before a game is even released, it gives me that left it out on purpose feel.

Also it's the price point, at $10 I doubt this adds another 20-25% to the game. I've been pretty excited about Borderlands, but now, this really quelled my interest. If this is going to be a piecemeal DLC game, I may just wait for the GOTY edition for 50% off now.
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